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Truviv TruMed-M3 Tapping Handheld Massager


The Tapping features a sleek handle that brings any part of your body within easy reach, making it effortless to apply.  Its weighted massage head produces a vigorous beating action for immediate relief of muscle aches and soreness.  Soothing infrared light relaxes the body, and a total of three interchangeable massage heads allows you to customize each massage experience.




“Truviv TruMed-M3 Tapping Handheld Massager – The Tapping features a sleek handle that brings any part of your body within easy reach, making it effortless to apply.  Its weighted massage head produces a vigorous beating action for immediate relief of muscle aches and soreness.  Soothing infrared light relaxes the body, and a total of three interchangeable massage heads allows you to customize each massage experience.

  • 3 interchangeable head attachments included
  • Sleek, fashionable design
  • Vigorous beating action
  • Infrared light soothes the body and improves blood circulation during massage
  • Increases blood circulation • Relieves muscular aches and fatigue
  • Range of massage speeds available
  • Massager adapts to any body part “

Uses of Tapping Handheld Massager

Tapping is a kind of elective treatment used to improve passionate wellbeing. By tapping fingers on particular focuses on the body, professionals are thought to gather up negative feelings.

A type of vitality mending, Tapping incorporates such treatments as Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise called “EFT Tapping”), Progressive Emotional Release, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Neuro-Emotional Technique, and Thought Field Therapy.

How Does Tapping Work?

Tapping treatments for the most part center on similar focus utilized as a part of needle therapy and pressure point massage. As per specialists, every one of these focuses lies on meridians through which the body’s vitality streams. While negative feelings are thought to cause blockages in the stream of vitality, Tapping on these focuses is said to clear up such blockages and discharge the negative emotions.

While working on tapping treatment, people commonly focus on a particular feeling that they wish to discharge. Concentrating on a positive confirmation while Tapping on the predefined point is thought to improve passionate mending.

Uses of Tapping Handheld Massager

In elective pharmaceutical, Tapping is utilized to treat the accompanying issues:

– Anxiety

– Depression

– Phobias

– Stress

Tapping is likewise said to help advance recuperation from awful mishaps, liquor abuse, and habit, and additionally enhance prosperity in individuals battling with sickness or ceaseless torment.

Advantages of Tapping Handheld Massager

While investigating the well-being impacts of Tapping is genuinely constrained, some confirmation Tapping may offer certain advantages. Here’s a gander at some key discoveries from the accessible examinations on Tapping:

1) Stress

Tapping may help decrease worry, as indicated by an investigation distributed in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in 2012. For the examination, scientists doled out 83 individuals to 60 minutes in length EFT Tapping session, 60 minutes in length psychotherapy session, or no treatment. Results uncovered that those allowed to EFT tapping encountered a huge abatement in their levels of the pressure hormone cortisol, and also critical enhancements in uneasiness and temperament.

2) Anxiety

In a 2012 investigation of 45 individuals with nervousness issue (distributed in the diary Explore), analysts found that members treated with Thought Field Therapy experienced essentially more noteworthy upgrades in uneasiness side effects than think about individuals allocated to no treatment.

3) Pain

A few investigations demonstrate that Tapping might be of some advantage to individuals with constant agony. In a recent report distributed in Chiropractic and Osteopathy, for example, the Neuro Emotional Technique was found to enhance indications in people with endless neck torment. The investigation included 60 ceaseless neck torment sufferers.

Also, a recent report distributed in Explore found that EFT tapping might be gainful for individuals experiencing strain cerebral pains. Including 35 patients with interminable pressure migraines, the examination verified that EFT tapping diminished cerebral pain recurrence and power.


Various elective treatments might be useful in enhancing your passionate wellbeing. For example, thinks about demonstrate that back rub treatment, needle therapy, pressure point massage, guided symbolism, and reflection may effect affect enthusiastic prosperity.


Note that self-treating a ceaseless condition, (for example, discouragement) with Tapping and staying away from or deferring standard care may have genuine outcomes. In case you’re thinking about utilizing it, make a point to converse with your specialist first.

Working with a Tapping Practitioner with Handheld back massager

Despite the fact that Tapping can be performed without anyone else, working with a qualified specialist is essential for learning and understanding tapping procedures.

Handheld vibrational electric massagers have detonated in ubiquity in the course of recent years among competitors and ordinary individuals hoping to assume the responsibility of their throbs, torments and wellbeing needs, and the undeniable popularity for these items isn’t without reason.

From giving help to hurting muscles and making it less demanding for the individuals who work out and the individuals who sit before a PC throughout the day to deal with their wellbeing, handheld vibrational massagers, otherwise called Tapping massagers, give enormous health benefits.

Among the pioneers and trendsetters in the rising exploration of vibrational and tapping individual back rub gadgets, Truviv Massagers gives the item and the training purchasers and wellbeing experts can depend upon and trust.

Games Performance, Injury Prevention, and Recovery

For competitors hoping to upgrade and lift their execution through back rub, there is uplifting news.

Ongoing investigations have demonstrated that Tapping back rub can cause muscle tissue to contract in excess of 30 times more efficient than typical intentional compressions. Strangely, similar to yoga and exercise, this activity brings about solid and facial protracting and fortifying, prompting enhanced muscle quality and upgraded muscle recuperation. This mysterious blend brings about easing strong snugness and decreasing the physical pressure set on bones and joints.

Experience Advanced Vibrational Healing and Powerful Pain Relief with Tapping Massage

A standout amongst the most creative back rub instruments available, Tapping back rub gadgets convey vibrations profound into the muscles, invigorating blood, and lymph flow, bringing more oxygen and supplements into the muscle and facial tissues. This prompts diminished muscle weariness and soreness, separates muscle fits and reduces muscle torment. Giving a profound helpful impact utilized by treatment specialists, facial discharge clinicians and athletic coaches alike, Tapping back rub conveys an intense recuperating sway and viably eases shoulder, neck, and lower back and back agony and additionally distress in numerous different zones.


Utilized as a part of the restoration procedure, Tapping back rub facilitates the mending and recuperation of non-utilize atrophic muscles that have been harmed because of injury, medical procedure or malady, making it the ideal apparatus for individuals with loss of motion.

– Health Benefits

– Other medical advantages of tapping back rub incorporate the accompanying:

– Brings down circulatory strain

– Upgraded resistant framework

– Enhances rest

– Dispenses with poisons

– Enhances inclination

– Builds portability

– Enhances organ and tissue wellbeing

– Enhances assimilation and disposal

– Advances solid skin

– Balances autonomic sensory system

– Discharge. Unwind. Recoup.

Let be honest, the stretch is a piece of life. In any case, an excess of stress negatively affects our wellbeing. Vibrational back rub advances further breathing, unwinding, and lessens general pressure and nervousness. What’s more, it can rest easy!

Truviv Tapping Handheld Massager

Whatever your wellness level, Tapping back rub can enable you to defeat torment, upgrade sports execution, and lift your general wellbeing and health. A ground-breaking approach to rub sore muscles at home, Tapping massagers, for example, the Truviv PRO Tapping Massager makes it simple and moderate to join the remedial advantages of back rub into your day by day schedule. Find the enormous advantages for yourself today!

The Truviv body massager uses infrared light for interchangeable massage to reach deeper layers with a percussion massager to promote circulation using infrared heat in the massage heads to restart the natural healing process for any part of your body. The massager also has massage attachments for intensive tapping massage to reach deeper layers of tissue for pain relief.

Note: Always utilize alert when utilizing Tapping massagers. People taking blood more slender solutions ought not to utilize. In the event that you are pregnant or have a wellbeing concern, counsel with your doctor.

– Request a Truviv Massager Pro® today and experience the mending power for yourself!

– The Truviv Massager Pro® highlights:

– Delicate Rotating Massage Surface

– Three Speed Controls

– Different Massage Positions

– Adjustable Handle

– 12 Ft. Rope

– Great Tapping Action


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