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Truviv TruMed-M2 Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager


Truviv TruMed-M2 Golden or Silver Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager – A portable and convenient cordless handheld massager to carry and use anywhere you go. The Tapping features a sleek handle that brings any part of your body within easy reach, making it effortless to apply. Its weighted massage head produces a vigorous beating action for immediate relief of muscle aches and soreness



“Truviv TruMed-M2 Golden or Silver Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager – A portable and convenient cordless handheld massager to carry and use anywhere you go. The Tapping features a sleek handle that brings any part of your body within easy reach, making it effortless to apply.

Its weighted massage head produces a vigorous beating action for immediate relief of muscle aches and soreness. Soothing infrared light relaxes the body, and a total of three interchangeable massage heads allows you to customize each massage

• Cordless design powered by a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery that delivers a powerful massage without fading
• 3 interchangeable head attachments included
• Sleek, fashionable design
• Vigorous beating action
• Infrared light soothes the body and improves blood circulation during massage
• Increases blood circulation
• Relieves muscular aches and fatigue
• Range of massage speeds available
• Massager adapts to any body part .”

Benefits of Handheld Massagers like Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager
What is tapping massage?

Tapping massage is a percussion massage system that uses a light thumping development along the body to help ease muscle solidness and advance better blood flow.

Advantages of the back massage with Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager
Tapping Massage can help with:

– Accelerate muscle recuperation

– Alleviate muscle torment

– Reduce heart rate

– Increase adaptability

– Improve dissemination

– Promote better rest

Tapping is a blend of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that attempts to physically adjust your mind, vitality framework and body at the same time.

The training comprises of Tapping with your fingertips on particular meridian focuses while talking through awful recollections and an extensive variety of feelings.

As the famous researchers say, “Acupoint Tapping sends flags straightforwardly to the pressure focuses on the mid-cerebrum, not intervened by the frontal projections (the reasoning part, dynamic in talk treatment).” Because EFT all the while gets to weight on physical and enthusiastic levels, he includes, “EFT gives you the best of the two universes, body and brain, such as getting a back massage amid a psychotherapy session.”

Actually, it’s EFT’s capacity to get to the amygdala, an almond-formed piece of your cerebrum that starts your body’s negative response to fear, a procedure we frequently allude to as the “battle or flight” reaction that makes it so intense.

It’s assessed that 10 million individuals worldwide have utilized Tapping. What’s so energizing is the manner by which unimaginably rapidly it’s lightening issues like gloom, uneasiness, and a sleeping disorder, also extreme PTSD, physical torment, even ailment.

The essential method expects you to centre on the negative feeling within reach: a dread or tension, an awful memory, an uncertain issue, or anything that is pestering you. While keeping up your psychological spotlight on this issue, utilize your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 12 of the body’s meridian focuses (see the video beneath). Tapping on these meridian focuses – while focusing on tolerating and settling the negative feeling – will get to your body’s vitality, re-establishing it to an adjusted state.

Tapping is straightforward and easy. It can be learned by anybody. What’s more, you can apply it to yourself, at whatever point you need, wherever you are. It’s more affordable and less tedious. It can be utilized with a particularly enthusiastic aim towards your own particular one of a kind life difficulties and encounters. Above all, it enables you to recuperate yourself, putting control over your predetermination once more into your own particular hands.

Benefits of Handheld Massagers like Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager

As per ongoing investigations, a great back massage can give the body recuperating impacts. Truth be told, there were endless times when it was utilized as a type of pharmaceutical. Throughout the hundreds of years, it has been known to work ponders like easing neck agony and throbbing joints. Tapping Massage treatment is likewise a demonstrated procedure to re-stretch. On the off chance that you feel strained, your muscle has a tendency to be tied, expanding weight in the structure of the bone. A hand-held massager can be utilized to get alleviation from torment. Numerous individuals incline toward utilizing handheld massagers since they can utilize it without anyone else’s input. It is demonstrated powerful for back torment.

On the off chance that you are having firm joints, a great handheld massager can offer marvellous impacts and can go about as phenomenal agony reliever. As opposed to going to a back massage specialist in the multi-day spa, a handheld massager could be your own masseuse at home. Through Handheld back massage, you will have the capacity to set the projects and successfully utilize it in influenced parts of the body. Most Handheld massagers accompany adaptable heads that effortlessly fits in the forms of the body. You can enact the vibrator that has a beating impact on a throbbing painfulness. Different machines give warm which offers you additional help. Such machines accompany an assortment of connections for the thighs, legs, beck, backside, face, and scalp.

There are other handheld massagers including custom back massage styles and some accompany diverse levels of qualities enabling you to alter it as indicated by your necessities. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of outrageous back torment, it is perfect to utilize bring down quality setting. Since massagers have distinctive program alternatives, you will have the capacity to set it at various interims. When purchasing handheld massagers, make a point to pick one that has a simple to work for the control board. Handheld massagers are phenomenal alternatives when searching for impermanent help with discomfort. You ought to likewise inspect the brand. These Handheld massagers come in different value go. While you can spare from purchasing modest massagers, a marked one can work for quite a long time. The guarantee time of the massager ought to likewise be inspected before acquiring it.

You probably caught wind of massager which can accommodate in recuperating body torment. Prior, individuals used to enlist individual massager for every day massage. Yet, in our quick life, it is by difficult to enlist one, so presently comes the electric massager. Electric massagers are great yet some of them are not utilized by and by, you generally require somebody. To stop this issue, specialists think of hand-held massager, which can be utilized without anyone else’s input and can fix your agony.

The following are a portion of the advantages of utilizing a handheld massager which you expect while utilizing it.

Diminishes agony and give help

As you anticipate from a run of the mill massager, handheld massager to gives moment alleviation of agony (relies upon what sort of handheld massager you utilize). For the most part, individuals incline toward handheld massager for back torment as ordinarily, your hand can’t come to the back appropriately. You can get moment help from all another torment like neck torment, bear torment, foot torment or whatever another part where you require massage; you can utilize the massager there.


As specified before, best handheld massager tackles the most serious issue the general population stage. It is versatile, can be utilized anyplace, simply open it from the pressing and all of you do. You can undoubtedly convey while you are voyaging, it doesn’t expend much space in your movement sack. So yes! Handheld massager provides movability which you require the most.

Decreases pressure

You can diminish the worry by offering back massage to your body parts. It’s simple to utilize massager to your body parts where you need heel torment. While you have high pressure, your body releases cortisol, which expands fat in your body. In this way, you can really lessen your fat (or if nothing else quit expanding)

Successful Exercise

In the event that you are thinking to fix or lose your muscles with a massage, we’ll all things considered Handheld massager can be useful. You can utilize the handheld massager your muscles which will assist you with losing your muscle and make your body more adaptable. Truly, in short, you can make your body more exercise benevolent or in the event that you are as of now working out, you make your activity more successful with help of handheld massager.

All about the Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager
Improve your entire body feel!

– 4 Tapping massage heads convey calming percussion massage wherever you require it

– 3 programmed massage programs (Soothe, Revive, and Energize)

– 3 levels of power (Low, Medium, High)

– Included lash holds the massager to your body for sans hands massage

– Includes simple to-utilize remote and a remote stockpiling pocket

– 8-foot AC control line

Stay farewell to tight muscles in your back, glutes, legs… or anyplace else that feels sore! Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager is the best product for you.

Did you propel yourself excessively hard amid your last exercise or scarcely survive an especially taxing day at work? At that point, you require our Truviv Tapping Cordless Handheld Massager! You’ll adore the way the massager’s four autonomous zones of musical Tapping help alleviate hurting muscles and diminish snugness essentially anyplace—like your upper back, bring down back, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, or calves. Effectively focus on the region of your body that requirements massage by situating the massager on the floor under your calves or hamstrings, holding it on your thighs while situated, or putting it in a seat and inclining toward it… at that point utilize the joined 3-catch remote control to turn the massager on/off and push through the diverse projects and powers. When your back massage is finished, you’ll feel like a fresh out of the box new individual!

For people who experience body pain, a body massager or massage tool like a powerful hand held tapping massager for tapping massage is essential. It is great to reach the deeper layers with 3 massage programs and 3 massage heads for effective massage and massage techniques from percussion massager. The massager can help with tight muscles in any part of your body for muscle pain like a shoulder massager for heavy duty point therapy at the trigger point.


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