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Truviv TruMed-M1 Kneading Shiatsu Massager Massage


Would you like to take home the luxury of massage for an ‘anytime, anywhere comfort’ at an unbeatable price? Truviv TruMed-M1 Shiatsu Kneading Massager will offer you this and much more – reaching out to the muscles deep in your body and gifting you with reduced stress, tension and fatigue.




Would you like to take home the luxury of massage for an ‘anytime, anywhere comfort’ at an unbeatable price? Truviv TruMed-M1 Shiatsu Kneading Massager will offer you this and much more – reaching out to the muscles deep in your body and gifting you with reduced stress, tension and fatigue. A massage should be sheer heaven, and that’s what it will be with this revolutionary product that has been created after years of research.

With 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes, you are covered for your entire body – neck, back, waist and feet. No more appointments with a massage therapist, you will have a personal massager at the comfort of your home as and when you need one.

Truviv TruMed-M1 Shiatsu Kneading Massager:

• Works wonders on your body and hard-to-reach parts to provide professional results
• Offers quick and easy massage
• Improves productivity and sleep
• Includes one touch heating function to promote blood circulation
• Works great for all adults
• Is a top quality massager that comes with 1 year warranty
• Eight nodes – Single direction as well as auto-reversing
• Easily raise or lower the handle to position the nodes to the required spot – and boom, you will feel great within minutes Order today for bliss-filled relaxation, anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of Shiatsu Massager Belt

Shiatsu” is the Japanese word for “finger pressure“, the sign of a Massage treatment going to hit 50 years of notoriety in the Western world. It joins customary Chinese solution with Western treatments, utilizing contact, weight, and control of the human body to build unwinding, bring down pressure and help the body recuperate itself without counterfeit help. This can be accomplished in your home currently by utilizing Shiatsu Back Massagers.

Shiatsu Massage History

Massage was created by the Chinese, alongside herbalism and needle therapy, advancing toward Japan politeness a priest in the 6th century. The Japanese executed their very own portion expressions and kept on refining it throughout the following a few hundred years.

In the mid-1900s, Japan’s Tamai Tempaku started mixing life structures, physiology, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatment into the procedures. He at first called this new cooperative energy both “Shiatsu Ryoho” (finger weight method for recuperating) and “Shiatsu ho” (finger weight strategy) before settling on Shiatsu Massage historians, which was perceived as an official treatment shape by the Japanese government in 1964.

Styles of Shiatsu Massager

As Shiatsu Massage has turned out to be increasingly famous, more sub-styles have been built up over the world. Here are five of the all the more generally honed types of Shiatsu alongside brief depictions of what separates them as exceptional.

Shiatsu Styles

Zen Shiatsu:

Zen Shiatsu, for the most part, is finished with the beneficiary lying on the floor on a futon. It is generally best when you are encountering physical afflictions caused by pressure or enthusiastic strain, for example, sleep deprivation, strong pressure, cerebral pains and stomach issues.

Macrobiotic Shiatsu:

Macrobiotic Shiatsu centres on the conviction that sustenance is living vitality and that the nourishment we put into our bodies will influence the vitality stream inside us. The professional of this sort of Shiatsu will break down a man’s condition of being and prescribe sustenance to enhance it between sessions.

Namikoshi Shiatsu:

Namikoshi Shiatsu is the essential type of Shiatsu Massages learned by experts in Japan with a specific end goal to get a permit. It is named after Tokujiro Namikoshi who opened Japan’s first Shiatsu facility in 1925 and set up what is presently Japan’s Shiatsu College amid the 1940s. This shape is connected solely with the thumbs, fingers, and palms and is construct altogether in light of physiology and life systems.

Development Shiatsu:

Development Shiatsu was produced by Brit Bill Palmer amid the 1980s to encourage those agony endless conditions. Palmer utilized the developments of babies amid advancement to motivate his activities that beneficiaries perform in the middle of times of ordinary Shiatsu.

Hara Shiatsu:

Haru Shiatsu is the mixing of five noteworthy vitality streams intended to enhance your safe framework.

The massage belt is an actual product that can improve the heat function via kneading massage for shoulder massage, back massage, head massage with Shiatsu massage technique. They are available for health care. The rating is available as provided by customers who have experienced benefits of this Shiatsu Massager Belt. 

Advantages of Shiatsu Massager Belt

Contingent upon the expert, the individual, and the procedure, there is an about the boundless number of advantages from experiencing Shiatsu Massage treatment. The absolute most normal are:

– Restore/keep up the body’s common supply of vitality

– Improve course

– Relief for sufferers of joint pain

– Relief from a sleeping disorder

– Relief of stress/pressure.

– Lessening of uneasiness/misery

– Relieves blockage

– Relieves stomach related issues

– Relieves morning sickness

– Relieves menstrual issues

– Helps with recuperation from muscle wounds

– Lessen a headache cerebral pains

– Increase skin flexibility

– Wrinkle avoidance

Best Shiatsu Back MassageBelt for your Neck

Truviv Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

While most Shiatsu Massagers center around the neck, the Truviv ensures that your sore neck gets what’s coming to it’s of the well done too. The Truviv has an additional arrangement of Shiatsu Massage hubs exclusively for your neck that has a different warming capacity. There are three levels of vibration kneading Massage also.

The Truviv’s primary element is tweaked to enable the Massage rollers to center around the territory you require the most work on your back and they can interchange from Shiatsu style developments to the customary moving bar technique. The seat tie on the Truviv ZMA 14 enables it to fit on any seat, from a hardback to your office seat to give you long periods of alleviation. It accompanies an overheat security wellbeing lock and a 20-minute auto closes off.

Truviv Shiatsu Belt Features

These keeps you safe and shields the seat from getting excessively hot or utilizing excessively vitality. The seat pad has two vibration settings to keep your glutes and thighs feeling casual also.

Best Shiatsu MassageBelt for your Back

Truviv Back Massager Cushion

Shiatsu Massager Belt Features

Hailed as the boon for back agony, the Truviv Back Massager Cushion contains eight profound manipulating hubs that cooperate to get to the profound tissue of your back and ease muscle soreness, strain, and firmness. The remote-controlled Massage pad enables you to get alleviation for your neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar area.

The seat pad serves as a vibrating engine that gives muscle alleviation to sore hips and glutes. The unit is additionally awesome for calming pressure or helping you unwind when you are pregnant. You can pick between 10-, 15-and 20-minute auto stop cycles and kill the warmth on or.

Truviv Shiatsu Pillow

If you don’t have space or the outlet for a full Shiatsu back Massager, the Zyillion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow is an awesome option for helping alleviation muscle torment and conveys warm help to all parts of your body. It has four three-dimensional Massage hubs that alter course once at regular intervals and its reduced size enables you to put it behind your neck, lower or upper back, stomach area, thighs or calves.

Truviv Shiatsu Pillow Chair has customizable handle lashes that let you move it effortlessly and keep it secure while you are sitting or leaning back. It accompanies a free substitution cover, has a 1-year guarantee and a 90-day unconditional promise.

Best Versatile Shiatsu Back Massagers

The Truviv Shiatsu Massaging Massager is an incredible decision whether you’re out and about, at your office or basically unwinding at home. It has eight manipulating rollers and two Massage headings to give you agreeable alleviation regardless of where you are or where it harms.

The Shiatsu manipulating Massager accompany an alleviating heat work that can give help to your feet, legs, arms, lumbar territory, bears, back, and neck. It accompanies both an AC connector and an auto connector alongside a three-year guarantee.


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