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Trumed Royal Infinity


  • Revolutionary rotating massage mechanism, unique design.
  • 3 shiatsu modes-full back, upper back, lower back.
  • 3 tapping modes – continuous, pulsating or alternating
  • Optional soothing heat therapy for better blood circulation
  • Auto 5-10-15 min timer 
  • Full function remote control for easy operation
  • 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes and 2 tapping massage
  • 2 levels of tapping intensity low and high 
  • 3 levels of vibration massage on the seat cushion: low, medium and high
  • Convenient remote control with storage pouch 
  • Adjustable to fit most chairs – for use at home or in the office.
  • Easy to fold up and store when not in use



“The Story behind the Luxury Royal Infinity Royal Deep Kneading Shiatsu & Tapping Massaging Seat 5 in 1.

Years of building experience, developing the finest full-size massage chairs and cushions, our best engineers developed Royal Infinity. We found a way to incorporate the premium features of a full-size chair into a portable cushion.

The unique design with Shiatsu, Tapping, Deep-kneading. Heating & Vibration – All 5 in 1. Now you can enjoy an amazing full-body massage from our portable and powerful Royal Infinity. Royal Infinity 5 in 1 will become your favourite place to relax. Anytime and anywhere in practically any chair, sofa, car seat.

Our seat topper is designed to deliver a full-size massage just like the type you get from Top Brand full-size premium massage chairs- but it’s easily moved, foldable design for easy carrying and storage. Royal Infinity Massaging seat has 3 zones of targeted pain relief – upper back, lower back and full body – can be made even more luxurious by adding heat or vibration or both.

Auto programs are available or options of your choice – Shiatsu, Tapping, Rolling, Heating & Tapping. Adjustable height and width make it easy for you to enjoy a tailor-made massage experience.

Relax After a Long, Tiring Day with Shiatsu Massage Chair

After a long tiring and hectic day, all you need is the best massaging experience. This shiatsu massage chair is built using the latest Shiatsu massaging technique that gives you instant relief from body aches and assists your body to reinstate the energy back and you will be already ready to deal with the next day without any worry. The full back massage chair will work up those kinks and knots and keeps your body flexible and healthy. This massage chair can reduce stress, prevent injuries and lowers blood pressure, and offer an ultimate relaxation massage chair with best and cutting-edge features.

If you are in search of a massage chair for your physical needs, we at Truviv offer the best Shiatsu massage chair at a very competitive price. Shiatsu massage, rolling massage and spot massage therapies to choose from. Vibration massager massages the seat perfectly to soothe upper leg sore muscles. This chair comprises of 14 massage functions to get a personalized massage. Also, there is a heat option to enjoy a soothing massage to relieve tension and relax.

Shiatsu Massage Chair— Say Goodbye to Aching Muscles

The massage chairs are made using different massage technique to build high-quality and reasonable massage chairs and letting one enjoy a professional massage at the comfort of their home. The Trumed Royal Infinity Shiatsu Massage Chair is quite popular for both modern offices and homes, and also at wellness centers. This offers shiatsu massage techniques that make you feel professional massage experience from the personal therapist. These chairs are lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and easy-to-assemble and offer deep tissue massage.

The ideal massage shiatsu chair provides a wide range of unbelievable features. The unique design with Shiatsu, Deep-kneading, Tapping, Heating & Vibration – All 5 in 1. The chair offers different massage programs— Shiatsu, Tapping, Rolling, and Heating. This shiatsu chair comes with an in-built therapy that provides instant relief from tired and sore muscles. It is a brilliant alternative to a professional spa that can aid you to save lots of money.

Massage Your Body from Head to Toe with Shiatsu Massage Chair

Modernized with finest relaxing massager functions, Truviv is the one-stop destination. Massaging down to the bottom of your feet, the chairs roller scrapers soothe your feet and increase the extent of massaging by 65 percent. Furthermore, it lets users set the chair massage position catered to their desired place. The power rollers impeccable techniques assist in revitalizing the muscles through proper massage— time to say goodbye to aching muscles after hard work out or long tiring day! This massage chairaccentuated massaging right from your head and neck down to your ankles and toes. Great massager cushion makes the chairs to relax your aching body parts and knots in a simple, yet effective way.

It focuses on outstanding massager functions thus offering you a more traditional shiatsu massage. This chair is designed to focus on more deep massages on the waist, back, thighs, neck, shoulders, and hips. With a single touch of a button, you can adjust the positions for the best possible massage at home. The biggest plus about this chair is the effective double massage nodes. In the rolling massage, it gives roller for reviving the body and the mind by relaxing and relieving stress from the sore muscles.

A good, regular massage cure works wonders for the mind as well as for the body. As your mind starts to calm down, the muscles in your body relax too – and vice versa. Get benefit from increased endorphins, loosened muscles and instant stress relief by using 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager. While you enjoy a traditional Shiatsu massage, you can switch on the Shiatsu Spot mode to pause the travelling nodes to focus on a single spot. Two double massages nodes are designed especially for a deeper Shiatsu massage across the back and shoulders.

What Makes Truviv’s Shiatsu Massage Chair So Unique?

Advanced Technology

The intrinsic S-track rolling system is steeply amalgamated and is exclusively designed to give hand-like massages that make you feel as if you are getting Shiatsu massage from your own personal Shiatsu specialist. The massage motion works the user’s backs to make sure all strain and stress is calmed, and eases the body’s stresses for better spinal posture.

Different Positions

It is important that the body weight of the user should be equally spread out so that the body stays almost feathery during a massage session. Using the remote control, you can set your desired position, speed and intensity and get a therapeutic effect which can give you relief almost immediately.

Auto Programs

The four auto program modes are set up to target certain areas and attain different sensations. Whether you want to get a deep massage, or gentle and smooth massage, you can enjoy a perfect Shiatsu massage anytime!

Kneading Balls

The Shiatsu Massage chair has 6 kneading balls attached into the foot massager part of the chair. They have been particularly placed at the sole part of the foot massager to deliver deep tissue penetration and offer you relief during the home massage.


A vital feature of the Truviv Massage Shiatsu Chair is the relaxing airbags it comes with. These are available for all important body areas including necks, shoulders, feet, calves, and arms and give the essential air massage to get the knots out from your sore and tired muscles.

Shiatsu Massage Chair— Get Relax and Rewind!

Today, almost 7 in 10 people suffer from back pain to some points or other. The benefit of this massage chair is many including the position scientifically best proven to ease the ache and relax. The additional leisure is significant advantages as the variation of different actions take overall experience from soothing to complete life change. The Shiatsu massage chair will make a different world in your own home, the merits and benefits of the chair are surprising.

Trumped Royal Infinity Shiatsu massage chair ensures the user’s weight is evenly spread out across his or her body and eases stress for a deeper, better massage experience. The integrated heating system in the backseat of the chair harnesses heat therapy to make your body warm and relieve it of any painfulness. This chair offers a heat massage option and cures all kinds of back, neck or shoulder problems occurred because of the muscle tension. The heat function assists the lumbar area to calm down and inflates the blood vessels in the lower back, which helps in making the fresh, oxygenated blood flow to the damaged muscles. Use the combination of the heat therapy together with airbags and foot rollers to get more soothing and therapeutic massage experience at your own home.

1. Trumed Royal Infinity helps—
2. Relieves pain
3. Reduces anxiety and stress
4. Rehabilitates after injury
5. Increases relaxation and wellness

Enjoying a traditional shiatsu massage is a cakewalk with this massage chair! Order yours now!


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