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RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES – This Truviv Diamond Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow with an ergonomic design fits your body perfectly to give you a cozy massage which is perfect for use on the neck, lower and upper back, abdomen, calf, thigh and more, which helps to relieve aches, knots, tension and stress.

4 KNEADING NODES – This neck pillow with 4 kneading massage nodes imitates a real massage. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotating nodes offer a complete shiatsu massage experience. Nodes automatically change directions every minute for a thorough massage.

SAFETY FUNCTION – Programmed with 15 minutes auto-off function to avoid overuse when falling asleep. Equipped with an Overheat Protection feature, the device will automatically shut off the motor to ensure user’s safety and prevent damage to the unit.

SOOTHING HEAT – the massage neck pillow

CONVENIENT STRAPS: Adjustable Multipurpose Handle Straps allows adjustment of pillow during massage, or can be used to secure the massager to your favourite chair. You can use the massager at home, office or car (car adaptor included). 

What is a Shiatsu Massage Pillow?

Massage pillows offer a wide range of features to curtail several different types of minor pains and aches. Shiatsu massage pillows are made of plush quilted fabric that makes you feel soft against your skin. Pillows also bring out extra padding to deliver a spongier massage. Also, the Shiatsu massage cushion can get into the shape of your body for maximum comfort. A comfort flap lets you attune the intensity of your massage.

With massage pillows offering both heat and massage, you can use the integrated controls to pick whether you want to experience heat, massage or both. Furthermore, these shiatsu massage pillows employ a rotating massage system that targets your sore muscles. Some massaging pillows even offer an extensive massage area, letting them to spread put a bigger area and, hence, offer more prevalent relief to your necks, shoulders, and back. At Truviv, you can explore various accessories and top-notch shiatsu massage pillows at a very competitive price. You can choose among four massage nodes to get the massage speed, style, and intensity that best suits your preferences and needs.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow— Take Your Relaxation to the Next Level

The Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat function offers a circular kneading massage to relax and revitalising vibration massager to loosen tight muscles. Employing the cutting-edge massage technology, Trumed Diamond massage cushion’s massaging nodes gives a deeper, more authentic massage experience by moving an inward and outward motion. They are versatile design and thus comforts your tired muscles by targeting your shoulders, back or neck.

Benefits of massage and heat are infinite for your tense, sore muscles. Deep kneading Shiatsu massage works effortlessly to soothe your sore muscles. Heat function offers extra comfort and easiness to aching muscles. No matter whether you are at home or office— the convenience of Shiatsu massage pillows lets you relish some tender adoring relief and care.

Experience soothing massage and relaxation anywhere with easy-to-use Shiatsu cushion, available here at Truviv. Our range of massaging pillows provides a wide range of massage techniques to your tired, stressed or sore muscles. Enjoy the endless benefits of deep-kneading Shiatsu massage pillow or immerse yourself in a little soothing heat with your massage, at Truviv you can be assured that you will find a massage pillow that best meets your needs. Give those tired muscles a break and enjoy the leisure that massage pillows can give.

Coming home after a tough day at school, or a hard day at the office, what can be better than relaxing yourself with a massage pillow? If you are looking for something that will aid you to relax, we can bet you— there is nothing better than the Truviv Shiatsu Massage Pillow. This cost-effective, yet efficient massage pillow features four deep-kneading massaging nodes that offer an amazingly deep but comfy massage. With the remote control, you can go for the optional heat function and take your relaxation to the next comfort level! Correctly using this massage pillow will change your life for sure!

Shiatsu Massage Pillow— Relax Awaits You Anytime, Anywhere

With the Truviv Shiatsu Massage Pillow, you can relax anywhere, anytime. This portable, slimline pillow straps strongly onto any chair to give a deep-kneading, invigorating massage. Dual rotating nodes are capable to massage your legs, stomach or back for supreme relaxation and stress-melting pleasure. The soothing heat adds warmth to your massage, alleviating soring muscles and easing away built-up strain. The massage pillow has a rear strap to secure to most chairs, thus making it more comfortable.

Unique Features of Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Neck and Shoulders Pain Relief— The Shiatsu deep kneading massage cushion with ergonomic design gets adapted to your body shape flawlessly to deliver you a comfortable, relaxing massage which is perfect for use on the upper back, lower and neck, calves, abdomen, thighs and more, which assists to ease stress, tension, tight knots and aches.

4 Deep Kneading Massage Nodes— This pillow comprises of 4 deep kneading massage nodes that give a real massage with desirable vibration intensity and speed. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating massager nodes gives an all-embracing experience of massage at home. After every minute, the direction of nodes changes automatically to deliver a more thorough massage. The four massage nodes are meant to give deep, painstaking massages to aid with poor blood circulation and muscle tiredness. Also, it relieves from pain associated with muscle soreness. Our exclusively designed massage nodes satirize the penetrating and kneading movements like that of a real massage therapist’s hand!

Safety— The Truviv Shiatsu massager is equipped with 20 minutes auto-shutdown function to ensure safety by avoiding overuse to prevent damage to the unit from overheating and reminding of an ideal massage session.

Soothing Heat— The massage pillow with heat function delivers kind warmth to relax aching muscles, ease aches fully and improve the blood circulation. The massage nodes deliver warmness to relieve tightness and can be heated to approximately 112℉.It is perfect to use on the lower back, upper back, and more. It’s a great way to relax and get calm after a stressful day!

Versatile— Compact and ergonomic pillow massagers perfectly get fit behind body and neck contours of calves, lower and upper back, abdomen and thigh areas.

Handy Straps— The massage pillow comprises of adjustable flexible handle straps that allow tweaking of the pillow during massage, and has a rear strap to secure to most chairs, so that you can make the most of your massaging session in your favourite massage chair.

100% Satisfaction— At Truviv, you can be assured of the quality of the products you buy.

Innovative Technology— Shiatsu Massage Pillows employs cutting-edge technology that delivers a relaxing massage with gentle warmth and comfort to help you relax! Our pillow designs improve blood circulation, reduces back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and alleviates fatigue. The massage nodes move inward as well as outward in order to give a deeper massage experience.

Trumed Diamond Shiatsu Massage Pillow— Better Than Any Masseuse!

Invigorate your sore muscles with the Homedics shiatsu massage pillow with supreme Heat function. This Shiatsu massage offers deep kneading massage at home to comfort and relax aching muscles with a superior massage experience. Treat yourself to a blissful massage with soothing heat feature.

Time to say goodbye to sore muscles with Trumed Diamond Shiatsu Massage Pillow. The pillow strap fits securely on most chairs, ensuring that you can use this massage pillow anywhere, anytime. Convenient and compact, Trumed Diamond Shiatsu Massage Pillow with gel nodes offers a thorough deep massage experience to ease stress and relax muscles. With its portable and lightweight design, this massage cushion can be used across the body to perfectly target aching muscles in your shoulders, necks, back or legs. Add an extra level of relaxation and comfort to your professional-style massage experience with the cutting-edge soothing heat function.


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